Boston auditions.

Last night was the season 9 premiere of Idol - I was expecting great things - and Boston did not disappoint! N and I often comment about how brilliant the editing is on that show. Last night, again, I was shaking my head in amazement! If nothing else, you should really pay attention to the MUSIC they play for all the crazy contestants, it's a perfect fit every time!

I know you're just dying for my recap, so here it is...

First, the crazies:

Okay, really, the very first girl, you know, the jumping-up-and-down-Idol-video-game-winning-pink-shirt girl? Someone please, please, give me her street address so I can go buy her a Downeast Basics undershirt and mail it to her! Oh, it was paining me to hear her keep calling Kara "Paula" too!

Speaking of editing, how AWESOME was the slow-motion sequence of the "deeply spiritual" blonde guy blowing the flower... and then the camera following it as it fell limply to the ground... Laughing. Out. Loud.

Serial killer Clark Kent... What was Kara's comment? Have you ever had a girlfriend?? Ha!

Next, to those I liked:

I LOVE the Italian guy. He's going to be a fun one! Amadeo Diricco - how can you not love the name??

I also loved the Long Island scat-singing girl who offered an awesome "Wicked Witch is dead" rendition...

WOW, how many of my single friends would I like to set up with that hottie Justin Williams? Did anyone else crack up at the picture of him in his GARMENT TOP in the hospital? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, and I loved his voice, too - he's got skills... how do I not remember him from last season's Hollywood week? He must not have gotten a lot of airtime last year...

There was a plethora of the feel-good stories, besides the mormon cancer survivor, that is... how about the girl whose grandma is dying of Alzheimers... she was awesome singing "At Last" ... and the big sister of the Down syndrome brothers was totally sweet...

I also liked the Codzilla speedboat actor dude, but there's NO way he'll make it through Hollywood week.

And the confusing:

That Tyler guy, drum-playing, Justin Guarini-hairdo-wearing, fell-out-of-a-tree-broken-wrists guy - What? Seriously? THEY PUT HIM THROUGH BECAUSE THEY LIKED HIS PANTS! Give me a break.

And hey, "Womanizer" dude! Stop dancing! You're making us all nervous!


Amberly said...

I WAS waiting for this! it was a good show... promises to be an entertaining season.

Ashlee said...

I too am happy about your reviews returning. I really wish you would blog live during the show...then I would know what to pay attention to. You are either more talented than I am at multi-tasking or you really pay attention during the show! I "watched" the show but missed some of these details!

Alison said...

I loved the LDS guy - he was incredible and the Captain America smile was nice to look at too! I'm a sucker for the feel good stories, my husband likes to fast forward through the back-stories - bugs! Love that you re-cap Idol on your blog. Happy reading for me. :)