Orlando Auditions.

Better late than never, eh? We had a bit of the good, the bad and the ugly last night.

Let's start with the ugly:

Glittery mirror-face boy. Yikes. And the guy who tried to sing "Amazing Grace" and ended up in handcuffs? Double yikes. Kara's sappy-sweet comment "Honey you sounded like a lawnmower" probably didn't do much for his mood, really. At least he "gave it up to God" Somebody get him a WWJD bracelet for a reminder to do just that, please?

The bad:

Pants on the ground? Nope. "My pants done ripped!" more like it. The guy who learned to dance from his stripper friends, oh, excuse me, "adult entertainer" friends. I can't believe they put him through to Hollywood, his voice certainly didn't deserve it!

The Jersey sisters - oh, gag. They're not nearly as annoying as Tatiana from last year, oh, the painful memories, but I still don't want to see ONE MORE SECOND of them. Again, I don't think they deserved their golden tickets! I wonder what I would look like with that much makeup and hair product... hmmm...

Other golden ticket winners who weren't my favorite? Seth Rollins, the father of the autistic kid who didn't seem a bit autistic (did he to you?) and the bank robber Matt Lawrence. Come on, neither one of these guys even come CLOSE to having the charm of last season's Michael Sarver, sigh, do you remember him?

And finally, the good:

Beatboxer Jay Stone, or as I like to call him, Blake Lewis, Part Two. This guy will be fun to watch! I don't remember what the heck song he did, but I remember it was COOL!

Jermaine Purifoy - Aaaah, how nice was this guy? Loved him about as much as Kristin and Randy did. I wanted to listen to him all night, forget the crazies! I predict top 10 for Jermaine!

Just one annoyance for this review tonight - I'm so tired of the judges saying "one thousand, million, billion percent yes!" Geez. Seems like all of them have picked up on it now. "Yes" would suffice. Even "100% yes" or "Brilliant voice, you're through to Hollywood." I'm even missing "You got mad skills, Dawg!" aren't you??

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