Wet and Slimy? No. Still disgusting? Absolutely YES.

Last Friday night was one of Laveen's educational gifted nights (Did you know I was a gifted parent? Now you do.) They offer stuff like this every so often for the gifted students, and they're always very interesting. Reptile Adventures was brought to us by the quintessential guy you'd EXPECT to bring it to you. Hee hee. Here he is:
He went through all the random facts about lizards and snakes, and lizards versus snakes, and how he acquired several of them. (I wonder if this guy has ever been married, or if anyone WOULD have ever married him, with his reptile obsession. Hmmm... ) Here's M with the iguana...
I digress... I learned all sorts of things - that two of the main differences between snakes and lizards are that snakes don't have chins (enabling them to eat huge animals and people and such) and that lizards have eyelids. And apparently, snakes are NOT wet and slimy as they appear - they are always dry - { but I'm just gonna take his word for that }.
He saved the most impressive snakes and such for last, and finally brought out his huge Anaconda - it's like 16 feet long or something. He brought it out of an ice chest,

and then brought out more,
and then finally it was all on the table. Sheesh!
He had all the kids line up so they could get a chance to touch it... darn, I missed out. **Photoshop tip** By the way, this is how I edit photos when I want to make my kids stand out in a crowd for a scrapbook page. It really helps draw your eye to what you WANT it drawn to, instead of a bunch of strangers. ***

Even though J didn't want to touch the anaconda, he was enthralled by all the little lizards and snakes in the boxes on the stage.


bryn said...

What fun pictures. Tate went to a birthday party where this guy was the entertainment. I agree with everything you said, but I too learned a ton. Your kiddos are getting so big and cute!

Courtney said...

We saw him at the library a while ago...kinda crazy all the boxes and boxes of reptiles!

Anonymous said...

Josh's expression in the last picture says it all.

The Malone's said...

who keeps snakes in a cooler? That would sure be a downer at any tailgating party.

Amber said...

I love the picture of your daughter with the snake. does your camera do that or do you have photo software that does that?