Chicago auditions.

Yawn. Am I right? Granted, I missed the first ten minutes because of a DVR user error, (that would be me) but the rest of it just wasn't. that. memorable. There are only two people I'm hopeful for: one, the girl who's been to Hollywood twice before, in seasons 7 and 8... Angela something-or-other who doesn't pay her traffic tickets, and two, John Park, that semi-asian-looking (?) college kid who Shania Twain liked (and was awkwardly hot for). There was a blur of golden tickets given to people we barely even heard sing, uh, what were their names again?? Are Idol producers just lazy? Or do they not feel people are airtime-worthy unless they have some sad, heart-wrenching back story? I'd like to have some minimal face time on every golden ticket winner. Is that too much to ask? You'd think with only 13 going through that we'd see more of them in an hour!

These early audition episodes are so formulaic... you know RIGHT AWAY whether the person's a crazy or got a brilliant voice depending on where they're shooting the footage - at home? Hollywood-bound. Showing videos from when they were a kid? Hollywood. At their work? Ditto. In the lobby or hotel bathroom? Crazy.

Sorry Chicago, you were just plain boring! Sigh. You know I'm going to keep watching anyway. ESPECIALLY TONIGHT! Can I get a big WHOOP WHOOP for guest judge Kristin Chenoweth tonight??

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Amberly said...

amen. that show was not even worth watching... there was zero substance.