My friend Lisa put on a super cute rootin' tootin' birthday party for her 4-yr-old twins a couple of weeks ago, all planned around a wild western theme. It doesn't hurt to have neighbors with horses living across the street, I guess! Since she's never going to blog about it or post pictures, I thought I would. My kids had so much fun, between making a foamie project, playing games, eating BBQ food - including plateful after plateful of chips, not one but TWO fun cakes, and best of all, riding a real live horse! I thought J would just burst during his turn, he was grinning so big!
Of course, there had to be two cakes for the two boys- a cars-themed "Ka-Chow!" cake for Tristan, and a spiderman cake for Christian. Every present was totally themed toward one or the other boy, including the superhero capes I made for each of them. The Batman cape for Christian turned out really well, if I do say so myself! (THANKS DEIRDRE!) Each of the kids got to rise on one of the horses - they were all on the hunt for "Wild Willy" who had stolen their loot bags. They found him/her, got their awesome loot, and everybody went home on happy trails.

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You're awesome Shello. Thanks for posting!!! It really was a fun party!