For Sale.

Okay who wants our awesome bookshelf/secretary desk? It's lovely, really, I'm sighing knowing it has to leave our house. Because it matches our guest daybed beautifully. Oh well.   $250 and it's yours. The lines and distressing are perfect. The doors have beveled glass in them. There is lots and lots of storage, plus the fold-out desk surface. It is two pieces - the hutch sits on top of the desk.

Here's a photo of the inside (excuse all the junk!) That bottom shelf is perfect for holding a laptop, and there is a hole I drilled through the back where you can run the cords. The rest of the drawers are holding all of our office supplies, oy vey, where am I going to put all that stuff...

There is one problem with it - the left bracket holding the desktop has pulled out of the wood (probably because some child, who will remain nameless, leaned too hard, or possibly stood, on said desk surface) But, I think it is very easily fixed.

 It's almost an exact copy of this "Graham" desk and hutch, from Pottery Barn:

And just think, MY desk is a mere $1500 cheaper! Bargain!


jaust.me said...

Oh, I do, I do. But I don't have $250, or even $150 I'm afraid. ;(

netgyks said...

Ooh I wish I lived near you! What an awesome desk! Surely it was PB's inspiration :)

Azeez said...

Hi, Are there any outlets built in for charging?
I am interested in buying it but would need it shipped to New York, NY! Are there any companies near you that would do this and for how much?

Paige Gordon said...

Can you please tell me where you originally purchased this. I love the PB graham but the hutch is d/c in black. Thank you so very much!!!

Kristen Rodriguez said...

If this piece has not found a home I would love to add it to my home office. Is it still available?