I need Hermione's time turner.

I have two business cards to design and send to print this week, homework to help with, activity days to chauffer back and forth to tonight, dinner to make, cricut stuff to cut out for Jackie for Sunday, a book fair to work at in the morning for two hours, a doctor's appointment in Mesa for Allison tomorrow afternoon, talent show practice after school tomorrow. a craft show in east Mesa to put on tomorrow night (plus several more vinyl products to finish for it), babysitting Finny all day Friday, a play to attend at the school on Friday night with the kids, and friends to pick up from the airport on Saturday... so when am I supposed to write my talk for Sunday that I just remembered?!


Amberly said...

shoot, so having you cricut "COOPER" for his student of the week poster is out of the question?? like, by tomorrow when you're out here? bummer deal.

The Dixon Family said...

While you're blogging?

Ha ha. Kidding.

Good luck getting it all done!