Let me wipe the drool.

No this is NOT an "After" post. I wish. Still browsing around blogland to find just the right look. I think aqua paint, with a brown glaze, with a dark espresso-stained top finish, is going to win out, because I keep being drawn to photos like this, and this, and this. I'm especially swooning over the super light paint of this first one - -
But this second one makes my little heart go pitter-patter as well.
See the dark brown top of this one? Love the combo!

But first things first - I require a BED to match, and BEDDING found, or made, before I pick a paint color. Because there are a lot more options in paints than in bedding! Keep your eyes peeled for me!


Amberly said...

I really like the color of the last one with the chocolate top.

Morgan said...


Hello long lost twin! O.K. I've been watching a blog. I think this lady lives near you in the greater Phoenix area. The blog is Stories of a House. She refinishes furniture and she is FAB at it. She also sells some of it off. Take a look. www.storiesofahouse.blogspot.com


Scrap Happy said...

Hey Tara - it looks like that girl is going to be selling stuff at the same "Vintage Market" that I am, at the end of the month. You should come on over to AZ...