Christmas Performanda

Tonight was Manda's Christmas performance at her preschool.
So cute, all the kids donned their little elf hats,
performed a few Santa-ish songs,
in which most kids mouthed the words...
some kids did the actions...
and a few even sang!
Volume was a tad low, but overall it was pretty darn tootin' adorable!
"He sees you when you're sleeping..."
Then they gave the parent-types their calendar gifts they'd made, (note Josh's approval in the background!)
and then SANTA came!
While Manda's still trying to settle on her exact wish list,
Josh was thrilled to see him again, considering the last time he was on Santa's lap he was asleep. Josh was finally able to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. (Now if only he'd tell US!)


Amanda said...

SO SO So cute!

Aubrey said...

Why don't we get superhero names? I want to be Outrageous Other Carters.

Courtney said...

And I want to be Fabulous Faerbers.

Sandi said...

You really should let people know when these things are happening. We wouldn't be able to attend all of them, but once in awhile Lee and I would love to go.