Christmas Poem, 2007

It’s the day for the annual Christmas rhyme,
We hope you’ll read and enjoy this ... if you have the time!
The Carters started 2007 with quite a blast,
Discovering we’d have a baby boy at last!

Nick started at SRP, and is again a happy one,
A great company for the long term; he’s really having fun.
Shellie’s plugging along with her work in design,
Scrapbooking and other projects are coming along fine.

This spring, pregnant Shellie jetted off to Maryland
She got to eat real seafood, and visit some old friends.
Nick took the girls to Legoland (what a feat!)
They all had a blast, and Daddy came home beat!

In June, Joshua came, and perfect, he was!
Good thing he was able to survive all those hugs.
The girls practiced being fishes all summer,
But waiting in the heat for swim lessons was a bummer.

Nick took the girls for the fourth of July,
Up to Heber and the mountains, for the show in the sky.
Shellie’s new calling started out with a bang
Vineyard Ward activities will never be the same.

Summer also brought a trip to the beach and the sand
But vacationing with 3 kids was almost too much to stand.
In August, Nick blessed Josh, and gave him his name.
We enjoyed tons of family — from 3 states they came!

August brought with it the first day of SCHOOL!
Allison’s doing great, and thinks it’s really cool.
Learning her phonograms, and to read and to write,
She always wants to do her best, and really is quite bright.

Manda started a new preschool too,
With letters, songs and lots of glue!
She’s learning a lot and building her brain,
Plus preschool hours keep Mommy sane.

In the fall, we went to Cinderella’s palace,
Then dressed up for Halloween as characters from Alice.
Nick and Shellie took a quick trip to Albuquerque,
For Aaron and Tannis' wedding, and lots of fun with family.

In December, we’re trying to fit it all in and more,
with work, school, church and family, plus projects galore.
Nick’s now the 1st counselor in the bishopric game
Our family Sundays will never be the same.

We wish you all the merriest of the merry.
And hope that you didn't find this rhyming too scary.
Come pay us a visit, or drop us a note,
If you do come to Phoenix, you won’t need a coat!


Sandi said...

Love it. If you need help on Sundays, let me know.

The Dixon Family said...

So does this mean you're not sending it in your Christmas cards?

bryn said...

cute, cute, cute. although sundays can be rough, i promise you can make it! :)