Cute stuff they don't do anymore. If you can think of any more, add them!

Between 1-2 years, Allison would dance a little shimmy in her carseat while listening to Queen's greatest hits. Mostly, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Now she refers to it as her "baby song".

Amanda used to be in LOVE with a little stuffed lamb of hers, named "Lambie". It went with us most everywhere.

Allison didn't used to be able to say Amanda's name. We'd practice with her "Ma - Ma - Manda" but she always repeated "Ma - Ma - Nanda."

When Manda was a baby and facing backward in her infant carseat, she sat next to Allison in the car. They always held hands everywhere we went.

Allison has always had the same hairstyle. When Aunt Robyn tried to do it differently one day, she told her "No! I need an Allison pony!" and put her hand, with a pointed finger, on the side of her head where her ponytail usually was to show her.

While driving, when Manda was small, we knew she was tired when she'd put her arm up behind her head. Now we know she's tired when she starts asking or searching for "purple big blankie".

Allison used to blow kisses to us - and hugs. She blew me a hug the 1st day of kindergarten when I dropped her off, and I don't think she's done it since.

Allison was so excited to get a baby brother. During his first few weeks, she often ran to come tell me about his "words"... "MOM! MOM! Josh just said his first word — QUA!!!"

Amanda sings the Star Wars theme to Josh. She thinks its his favorite.

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Sandi said...

Amanda was always the first to sit quietly and get ready for the prayer in Nursery. She carefully spread her napkin ready for snacks and helped anyone around her with thiers. I loved having Amanda in Nursery.

I also love it when Allison tells me a secret, she makes a little Ooo with her mouth, opens her eyes real wide and puts her finger to her lips as she whispers in my ear. She always makes me promise not to tell.