"I love it! I love Christmas!" —Allison

Well, it's over. We spent too much, got too much, did too much, and most certainly ate too much! We were blessed to spend it with both sides of the family — first at home with Nonnie & Papa and then again with the Carter side of the fam in Scottsdale. Here are some photos:

Amanda was thrilled to give Daddy the tie she'd picked out.
Grandma went overboard and bought a dollhouse that's as tall as the girls!
Favorite gifts by FAR were the scooters Santa brought for the girls. They played on them all day long.
Josh loved all of his presents, though he had much more fun chewing on tags than actually playing with anything.Thanks for coming up to share Christmas with us, Nonnie & Papa!


Amberly said...

Looks like it was a fabulous day... I'm sure I'll see those scooters up close and personal any minute now! The jammies are totally darling!

Sandi said...

You take the cutest pictures. What a fun time.