Employee of the Month.

My busy little boy always has lots of tasks to complete when we're at the Children's Museum. He always starts off with some hefty lifting 'round the car wash, because, you know, somebody's got to do it. He's just about perfect for the job.He's always trying to put those darn washers back down in place too, where they should be.We always spend lots of time in the ball room, where Josh has quite a knack for getting all those balls collected and put in the right spots, rolling where they should be.One of Josh's special skills is getting all those cars on the right tracks, too. What concentration! He has no time to pose for a picture for Mom!{How can it be comfy to sit like this?}

Building ice cream cones gives him a chance to cool off, mid-shift. How cute is this new face of his?Running through the noodle forest is a good break, too. Josh runs full speed into them and bear hugs about a dozen at a time. {Kind of like at home, where he bear hugs all of his blankets and giraffe}

Seems like the art studio always needs a bit of watching over too. Josh always tells me "If you want playdough molded right, you gotta do it yourself!"
And those playdough molds, well, when your hands are busy, where else are you going to put them?Lots of pounding to be done, too."Better stand up so I have more leverage..."
Once we're all done in the art room, it's time for the to-do list downstairs. While our friends were having a good time riding around, Josh was busy with the balls and tubes. It takes real finesse to get those pvc pipes arranged just so, in order for the balls to float - Josh takes this job very seriously!Thank goodness Manda was there to give him a ride home - it's been a long day!


brooke said...

He is just personifying what I have always said--if you have to be a bagboy at the market, be the very best bagboy ever!! Go Josh and enjoy those moments!

Courtney said...

Can we come with you next time?? I LOVE that place!

Nick said...

I think Josh likes the museum!