I can't believe it was butter.

Ah, the joys of motherhood...

I awoke this morning to screaming downstairs. Which I partly ignored, because really, it's commonplace 'round here. But then, I heard J-dawg also, wanting out of his room, so I reluctantly got out of bed. On the way to his room, I hear the microwave door slam and "It was YOUR FAULT!"

What was her fault, I ask...


She accidentally did WHAT, I ASK...


Now, knowing that we were out of anything but real stick butter, I cringed...

And went downstairs to find an entire stick of butter melted, all over under the microwave plate, all over the microwave door, leaking OUT the microwave door, and a huge puddle on my stove, along with Manda perched on the stove trying to put the glass plate back in after wiping it with probably a dozen buttery paper towels scattered around.


Yeah, like that would have helped.

Allison, I ask, did you use a NEW stick of butter?

Yes...But we wanted TOAST!

Yeah, I got that.

Sigh. There was also a butter stick in the fridge that probably had a tablespoon left on it. Why, oh why, for the love, didn't they use that one...???? Now everything in my kitchen is greasy. Good morning to me.

My kids are now banned from the microwave without my permission. We'll see if they remember the new rule the next time there is an urgent need for toast.



Nick said...

I'm sorry. I even tried to clean up the kitchen (sinkfulladishes) before I left this morning.

Thanks for being so descriptive of the mess. If you can stand to leave it, I'll clean it up when I get home. :)

Courtney said...

Hey...they were trying to let you sleep in! I give them a little credit...but I am glad it wasn't my kitchen :)

Sandi said...