Random thoughts.

I wonder what this new doctor for Allison will be like, and if it's worth making the switch.
I'm anxious to finish several small crafty projects I've got going on.
Maybe doing so will help me clear my head.
I need to plan exactly what we're "planning" for scrapbook night next week.
I really identified with Alicia's blog post. Many times I will "catch" myself being an adult and wonder how I got here.
Why the heck did I sign up to bring a salad for the VT conference? It would have been much easier to bring a dessert...maybe someone will trade with me...
Seriously, I cannot get my printer to work. I will give it ONE more shot and buy a new ink cartridge, and then that's IT.
I got pie crusts for 10 cents a box yesterday at Fry's. I never use pie crusts, though... hmmm...
Ugh, we need a new DVD player. How much are those things, anyway?
I don't think Josh actually chews most of his raisins before he swallows them.
I'm debating whether to spend enough on my CTMH order to get the Key to My Heart kit for free...
I need to find out about the Mesa CK convention, and register. Wanna go with??
Allison is growing up to be a responsible, beautiful, talented girl. I'm so proud of her.
That front tooth is SO CLOSE to falling out. Should the tooth fairy bring more cash for a front tooth than she does for the others?
Sometimes I think Allison's life isn't very fun. She has to wake up early, make her bed, get ready for school, go to early morning tutoring, stay at school until 4pm, come home, get reminded 20 times to do her homework (which has increased since the beginning of the year), sometimes throw a monster fit over what we're having for dinner, sometimes skip dinner altogether, take a bath, brush her teeth, and get nagged to get in bed on time. There's barely any time to waste watching TV or playing with her brother or sister...
I was not too impressed with the contestants on Idol last night, except for the Wicked cast member who sang Bohemian Rhapsody. He was awesome.
I think I need a trip to Maryland to meet Brady.
I love TAMN. She's so dead-on it's scary sometimes.
I have way too much food in my fridge/freezer right now.
I miss having my own income. I feel guilty spending anything anymore.
I keep trying to get my year's events listed on a calendar somewhere, but haven't done it yet.
My craft room needs a reorganization. Or a fire. Either one will do.
I want a Coke Zero. It's only 9am.


brooke said...

Colman and I bought a new Brother printer that I use wireless and I love it. Aubrey said that is the kind she used when she worked for Stanley and it was really user friendly and a great machine---if you end up looking for a new one, that is.

You are right about Allison!

Carlos said...

Cheer up. You could have a lot of stubbly ear-hair.

Heather said...

Ummm, what about coming to Maryland to see me??