January love, part 2

Stuff I've done in 2009:
Worked on the family tree project with Dad,
Went and saw Lion King with Nick and the girls, wonderful,
Took kids to the Wildlife World Zoo,
Took kids to the Children's Museum- twice,
Got family pictures taken,
Made an overdue trip to the post office,
Learned how to use my new Food Saver,
Finally washed and vacuumed my car, holy cow,
Started a twin quilt for Josh,
Cooked a turkey, clearing a huge space in my freezer and vacuum-sealing the fabulous results. I heart turkey sandwiches.
Boiled the turkey carcass and made some GREAT turkey noodle soup. Wow.
Finally started my NOEL block project for myself. These are the ones I finished Christmas 2007 for friends...
Took stuff to Allison's school for rummage sale.
Sorted my coupons, and purged all the expired ones.
I think I've baked like 5 batches of cookies, in the last 11 days. Please, someone stop me.

Stuff I want to do this year?
Take more pictures of everyday things. Have camera with me more often.
Don't leave house in a shambles when we're going somewhere.
Organize project-based classes for scrapbooking nights.
Stamp more.
Utilize Brooke's Cricut for my scrapbook pages.
Plan out our family's entire year of activities, meetings, vacations, trips, time off and put everything on a calendar.
Purge craft supplies. Purge toys. Purge stuff in every room, for that matter.
To be continued...

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