Learning from Dad

I do LOTS of random projects when I get together with my Dad. Every time we get together, there's usually a trip to a hardware store involved. I love that I am constantly learning how to do stuff from him. I love that he is good at everything, and is always willing to help in any way possible when I get a wild hair to create something. I'm sure he thinks most of my projects are crazy and unnecessary, yet he's always a great sport! I feel like I can accomplish almost anything when he's there to help. (I still have never figured out that ohm meter, though. I'm kind of useless in electricity and plumbing matters...)

I can't even begin to list all the things in my house he's helped me build, paint, install, fix, alter, hang, plant, adjust, and find solutions for. Like these shelves in my guest room closet: Not just in this house, but in the three houses prior to this one, too, plus each of the cars/trucks we've owned. Plus half of my craft projects as well. See that little candlestick-spool thingy under the "E"? Yeah, Dad cut like 40 of those for me. My girls think that their Papa is the only one who can fix anything when it breaks! And usually, that IS the case, unfortunately. Love you, Dad!

Over Christmas break, we made a new family tree that pays homage to the OLD one that my mom has had for probably 20 years, moved from the old house. OLD ONE: It was SO time for an update, and the vertical picture spaces needed to be horizontal instead, to make room for pictures of all of our growing families. We started on a Saturday morning picking up the plywood and plexiglass. I spent a while drawing and re-drawing the tree shape, then we spent most of the afternoon cutting it out and sanding it. NEW ONE: We rubbed some stain on then got started cutting the plexiglass. 11"x9" plexi pieces will cover each picture spot, except for the middle group family photo, which is bigger. I can't wait to see it when it's done and on Mom's wall!

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