Disco Night?

Hmmm... really?

Word of the season: Indulgent.

Let's get on with it - my review of this week, I mean. For my fans (ha, ha) I apologize for not re-capping last week. It doesn't really matter, though, since no one went home! Right?

Lil - at this point, I just feel sorry for her. The judges decided a long time ago that she sucked, and I'm quite tired of her fighting back at their criticisms. She comes off just... *itchy. Just accept the fact that Simon has ultimate power, sweetheart, and America will do as he says. I didn't really mind her performance, but tonight seemed... well, desperate. And the outfit? Was she just trying to distract everyone? Or trying to make it memorable?

Kris - WOW! Totally impressed. Though I was concerned when I saw the guitar coming out for a "disco" song, he was probably my favorite this week. And sorry, but is Simon a complete idiot? How could he not have understood Paula's "women's department" comment? I get that she doesn't make a lot of sense most of the time, but he's just appallingly rude to her.

Danny - Again, a solid performance. I like the way he moves (even though the judges don't) and I love his glasses and I adore the tone of his voice. Yes, America likes him, but ... tiny yawn here... he's not "amazing" me anymore. Maybe it's just the fact that Paula keeps pronouncing that he'll be in the finals - which SO bugs me. Am I the only one?

Allison - once she started I thought it would be awesome, but the middle all the way through to the end of the song was just... weird. At one point I thought she was screaming "pasta" instead of "hot stuff". But I digress. Of course, the judges love her, so I'm sure she'll be around next week - which is perfectly okay with me. Her voice still rocks my world.

Matt - DUDE! He was freakin' awesome tonight. I'm glad SOMEBODY, at least, sang a song like I was expecting. He just seems like a nice guy, doesn't he?? I'm glad he got to stay around one more week, at least.

Anoop & Adam - I'm grouping these guys because they both tried to re-create their own great performances of the past, but they both fell way short. It's kind of disgusting how much the judges are still gushing over Anoop, practically begging America to keep him on. Didn't like the song a bit - he seems to have one great note that he belted out over, and over, and over again. But that last note of his? Ouch. The sweater was just a little too bubblegum for me, too. As for Adam, he tried to hit "repeat" on his Mad World performance - but this just didn't come close to that one. But no matter what, I appreciate his confidence, his always-surprising range and vocals, and his ability to stir up controversy - all the while being completely entertaining.... again, can't wait to hear him next week.


Prediction for tomorrow night: I think Lil is going home, for sure. And the second? I think it will be Matt or Anoop... I really hope it's Anoop... we shall see!

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the Painters said...

I agree with ALL of what you wrote. I hope Anoop and Lil leave. ps, my husband thinks Lil is beautiful and not all because of her outter appearance, but because he thinks she seems like a really great mother...how cute is that?