Easter 2009

Easter was more than a week-long event at our house. It started with a picnic and egg hunt at SRP on April 4th... where Allison led the pack sneaking off the starting line of her age group... once she started inching out, the rest of the kids followed and there was no bringing them back! The girls came home with more candy-filled eggs than their little baskets could carry.
Our Easter FHE turned out great - I'd been waiting years to use my white eggs with the scriptures and symbolic resurrection elements in each one... and the girls were finally old enough this year to really get it. They liked feeling the thorns, smelling the spices, etc.
Grandma Carter brought us an Easter Veggie Tales movie, which remained in the car and played continuously all week. If I have to hear Uncle Nezzar save Easter and the church one more time, I just might scream.
On Friday Manda and I QUICKLY colored some eggs, and then we all hit the pageant at the temple along with 5 million other mormons in the valley. We got to trade Josh in for Coop - who was a much more willing audience. The kids had a great time before the show rolling down the hill. I'm surprised they didn't get stepped on.
The family party on Saturday was the first place I remembered to take my camera - so here are some highlights from the Burrow...
Doing crafts:Waiting to be released for the hunt:Walking with Dad {Notice the plethora of eggs around...}Dylan quickly learned that the plastic eggs were better than the real ones...

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