You should have seen the other guy.

Actually... that's not really true. Apparently the boys A was playing with at recess have MUCH harder heads than she does. When they all went for a ball and accidentally collided, Allison got the brunt of it. Poor girl. No, I didn't coach her to put on this sad face... Manda said she didn't want to be around her because her eye was scary.


Stephens Family said...

oh my goodness....ouch! those darn boys. always causing problems for us girls. it looks like a purple easter egg.

Amberly said...

her expression is so pathetic!!

brooke said...

Oh--you sweetheart! I wish I had known when I was at your house today! I would have shared my latest 'black-eye' experience with you. Since I wasn't, ask Daddy about his.
From now on let the boys go home with the bumped heads.

I love you!