Warning: Slobs live here.

We've had our over-priced house on the market for almost 90 days now, I think. For the first month or so, nothing. The next month, 2 or 3 were interested and came to check it out. But this last month? Much better. We've had four separate people come look at it in just the last two weeks, so really, I don't think we're being totally unreasonable with our barely-break-even price. You really only need ONE buyer. Wouldn't you agree? Who CARES if the junky foreclosure down the street is like 80 grand less???!!!

I'm standing firm on our price. Whomever is going to buy our house will want it because of its style, and upgrades, and features*... not because it's a screaming deal. I'm fine with that. {It's barely worth cleaning for bargain hunters, come on!}

Today I forgot to take my phone with me to volleyball - which really, when you have your house up for sale, you should NOT do. Got home at 11:30, fed the kids lunch, and then my cell phone rang at 11:44. You guessed it, it was our realtor telling me she'd tried to get a hold of me this morning, and that people were coming. No, not tomorrow, TODAY. Like, in 45 minutes.


I barely had time to panic! I quickly threw all the food back in the fridge, the dishes in the dishwasher, and the pillows back on the couch. I'm bribing Manda with everything I can think of to go pick up her room (please don't let there be panties on the floor!) and take care of her clothes on my bed (I DID fold them this morning, right? Hope so...) I hadn't even made it upstairs when the doorbell rang at 12:02.

WHAT? I can count to 45, can't THEY???

I walked to the door, hoping it was the UPS man... inadvertently kicking Josh's bus and activating the way-too-loud music as I opened the door. Imagine me, yesterday's makeup pooling under my eyes, still in sweaty workout clothes and kneepads, fumbling with this annoying purple bus as I greet them.


I made apologies as they walked through the house (but really, it was just a guy, without his wife... did he really CARE what state of cleanliness the house was currently in?? Probably not.)

But still...

There were piles of sheets on the guest bed downstairs - clean, but not re-made yet. Toys and random headbands littered the stairs, the roman shades in the playroom are still broken, my craft room? oh no...

Clothes had pretty much been cleared from my bed (thanks M!), but there were several items draped over the footboard (classy), J had taken the lids off our hampers this morning and strewn them across the floor, the bathroom counter was covered with makeup bag, shaving kit, toothbrushes, etc...Josh's room was still black as a cave, with all of the shutters still drawn...

But NOW?

Okay, it's 1:30. House is ready to show. Guest beds are made. Counters are cleared. Laundry is picked up off the floor. Lids are back on hampers. Toys are quiet and residing in their respective toy boxes.

Okay you can come back NOW, sir! But you better hurry!

Sigh! I can't believe I live in such clutter every day! It's one thing, I guess, to have toys scattered when children live here, but quite another to have MY rooms and MY clutter covering every square foot! Sheesh! I'm so embarrassed...

Ugh. I need to move out until my house sells, just so it can stay clean for more than 10 minutes!

*The guy DID comment on how much he liked the granite countertops, the stair railing, hardwood floors {does he not know the diff between hardwood and laminate? Really? I didn't correct him...}


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! LOL! I am SO totally there! My house is ALWAYS cluttered! I keep telling the kids, " No, the living room is NOT a play place. You have an entire playroom. Keep your toys in THERE!" It lands on deaf ears. As I type there is a Venom toy sticking his nasty tongue out at me and a tiny version of a handy vac sitting on my desk. I hate toys. (sigh) I know your pain, Shello. I didn't know you guys had put the house up. Where are you planning on moving?

The Malone's said...

They're not moving, ever! We (Ok maybe I) need her here. But I love the fact that this isn't the first time you've left your house only to come back and have someone want to come look at it.

Courtney said...

I think my favorite part is that you answered the door in your knee pads. haha. Wonder what he thought you were doing.

Sandi said...

You need a good fair to move in. I'll keep my eyes open, but I'm not volunteering. I have my own mess to clean up.

Miche~ said...

I love it!! I was feeling the same way living with Derrick, my brother. His two oldest girls live with him and the mess they create still amazes me. Then add my dog, Wyatt, his girlfriend's 2 year old, Maya, and then his two youngest Mia and Jade and I would just want to give up!!

Glad to hear that it just isn't me!! Love you!!

brooke said...

I know, you are going to say 'been there; done that' when I say "Remember that you can ALWAYS stay here!" But I truly mean it.

Love you---

Nick and Amanda Long said...

I didn't know you were selling your house - having a baby has really made me aloser of a friend. LEt's talk soon - I will call you this time - I promise!! Love your stinkin' guts!!