Things I heard today.

"I wish the whole world was made out of bacon - and then I would eat the WHOLE WORLD."

Mmmmm... sounds good to me. Who do you think came up with that one?

Manda also was so impressed with her hair cut, and my hairstylist today, that she informed me she wanted to be a "haircutter" like Lauren when she grows up.

And my favorite:

"Cheek. Eye. Sick. Noggin."

Explanation: This has been a rough couple of weeks for my children's faces. First was Allison's crash on the playground resulting in her black eye, and then Manda crashed on a bike and now has a huge bruise on the side of her head, and then Josh konked his forehead on his dresser as I was changing his clothes one day...resulting in a bruise and goose egg on his noggin... and now Allison is sick with a massive sore throat.

Hence, the reminder for Daddy during bedtime prayers tonight to pray for:

"Cheek. Eye. Sick. Noggin."


Rebekah said...

Hope everyone starts feeling better and that the heads start to heal up. What a week you have had.

Sandi said...

Now, that's a good prayer reminder. I can't wait for Josh to start talking. He has Manda to teach him such neat stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think she must have learned the "bacon" comment from Homer Simpson; however, we NEVER watch the Simpsons in our house.

Janna said...

Today Manda was so excited that my hair is "stacked" just like hers!!
I love having her in class. She is so much fun!!