Time to lighten it up

because really, seeing that photo every time I open up my blog is just depressing. On to better and brighter...

Fun things:

IDOL FINAL IS TONIGHT! Yee haw! I actually didn't watch it last night, shocker, because I'm saving up to watch BOTH episodes of the final this evening. Can't wait... and can't make a prediction, either, because I haven't seen last night's yet... who do you think??

SHOPPING for one of these - which one do you like? A, B, C or D? I will be carrying one of them soon...

Bought THIS this morning. And I need to lose an inch around my waist in the next 5-7 days before it gets here, or it's going to be too tight and depress me when I try it on. Any suggestions?

Our CROP is this weekend! Still need to nail down the final details! Are you coming?

Jake leaves for his MISSION in one week! Yay for him!

Sucky things:

My BENCH got stolen over the weekend. I'm TICKED.


Staci Kramer said...

Two questions and one vote: #1 are you guys planning on coming to my place for idol? #2 where did you find that cute dress? #3 I vote for the third purse. adorable.

Scrap Happy said...

YES, we're coming over.

Molly's Clothing

I'm leaning toward the bling as well!

Courtney said...

1. I vote Kris. Adam isn't doin' it for me...all his stuff is sounding the same.

2. I vote 4th purse...chunky hardware all the way.

3. cute dress. It will look great on you.

and D. I am coming too. just kidding.

Carlos said...

I would like to give that son of a bench stealer a piece of my mind--to tell his dad to quit stealing your stuff. I guess they missed that day in Sunday School.

Lindsay said...

what's the crop all about?