So my life has been ultra dulls-ville lately, and I don't feel like I've got anything to blog about... but I'm tired of looking at that silly Christmas layout up on this here blog that I've still got six kits for... I thought it would be a hit - I guess not! Sigh... here we go with a new post!

Things I'm thinking about:

Needing a trip to Costco, and wondering if anyone's going this week...
The fact that I didn't do a darn thing for our moms for Mother's Day. I'm such a slacker...
Scrapbook night on Thursday, and wondering who's coming.
How J will do at Father's and Son's this weekend.
Heading to Safford this weekend.
What I'm going to order to eat at Casa while I'm there.
Our crop, coming up on the 22nd, and needing to plan the details!
Taking our house off the market - shocker!
Buying land for a cabin in Forest Lakes, hopefully.
The fact that I can't afford a trip to Maryland, yet I'm considering buying a lot for a cabin.
How many calories are in everything I eat...
The P90X workout, wondering if I could do it. Those jumping pushup-things look impossible...
The fact that J STILL doesn't talk. He'll be two in three weeks.
Not buying whole milk, ever again, starting in three weeks. Woohoo!
How to potty-train someone who's stubborn and doesn't talk.
How to handle M's temper. It's so violent it's scary sometimes.
How to help A learn to make decisions. She's having the hardest time lately...
What the heck to do for J's birthday, and when.
The volume of half-finished scrapbook layouts in my craft room - downright staggering.
The fact that my girls need summer clothes, in a bad way.
Getting a pedi before Friday.
Wanting a novel to read this weekend. Any suggestions?


Amberly said...

- I need a costco trip too. I'm thinking tomorrow morning.
- I'm planning on thursday.
- also curious about P90X...
- so don't worry about J and this weekend. it's all about turning him over to dad so you DON'T have to worry!
- new pedi place was fine.. I waited a long time, but they did a decent job.

Anonymous said...

I just read a great book. The Shack. Very interesting and spiritually challenging. In a good way. It got Carey and I talking about the finer points of the gospel. It is NOT an LDS book. And not "churchy". Just really interesting.

My boys all started talking a few weeks AFTER their 2nd birthday. London, however, only speaks one word phrases which usually are the end of some bigger word. "naid" is bandaid, "Ma" is Grandma. "bulls" is Incredibles. My Nephew did the same thing and he is in a slow learner program now. SHould I be concerned????

Do you have all your debts paid off? student loans, credit cards, Car loans, store cards, mortgage??
Don't buy a lot until you have no debt.

Scrap Happy said...

Lisa, you know me better than that, don't you??

Sandi said...

I have P90X if you want to try before you buy. I do it every day. If I were you, I would start with P90 and then move up to P90X.

Anonymous said...

um, ok. Maybe I don't. I thought you guys had it all paid off, right??

jayme said...

Hey, hope you don't mind that I followed a comment you made on another blog, but I read you want to start potty training J (or at least thinking you should, I know no one WANTS to potty train anyone) The trick I used on Hyrum that worked really well (until the tap water started to get warmer)was to stick him in the tub and wash him off with cold water everytime he goes in his pants. It took about 4 weeks for him to be totally trained. When the water got warmer and he didn't mind it so much, I rinse off and soaped him up them rinsed him off with the shower which he hated. He had so many baths a day that his skin started to dry out so from our hard water, he got a nice little massage after each bath while I put lotion on him.