Idol Recap. I'm now in LOVE with Kris.

SO... what did YOU think of last night? Let's start with the judge's choices.

I'm with Simon on Kris' Apologize - I thought he did a great job, why fault him for arrangement? Although - didn't Archuleta perform this WITH One Republic last year? Am I mistaken? Because in my foggy memory, THAT was way better than this one.

Danny - UGH, hated Paula's song choice. Seemed like he sang ONE NOTE the whole time. Totally dated.

Adam - Oh, I wanted this to be good, so much... but maybe I just am too in love with the original "ONE" to hear it altered like that. Left a bad taste in my mouth. I think U2 is one of those untouchable bands.

Danny's "You are so beautiful" was okay, but a little boring for me.

Adam's "Crying" by Aerosmith I thought was a BRILLIANT choice, but did the backup singer on the chorus drive anyone else crazy?? Sheesh.

KRIS - HEARTLESS??? You kidding me? LOVED every second of it. I will for sure be putting that on my blog playlist. Yeehaw!

With that said, my prediction is that... Adam and Kris will duke it out in the finals, and that DANNY will be going home tonight. Or should I say, Danny's the one that SHOULD be going home. We shall see...


Anonymous said...

Ouch!! I thought Danny was awesome!! And I voted for him SEVERAL times! Did you catch the tongue wag during Adam's "Crying". It made ME want to cry! He has a great voice, for the 80's hair bands. He is such a screecher!! And yes, the back up on that one was awful. Made me think he was pitchy thru the whole song. I think Danny and Kris have the most relevant voices for recording artists, and Adam is a small niche. My PREFRENCE would be to have Danny and Kris in the top two, but I FEAR that it will be ADAM, and Danny. I voted a lot for Danny and Kris. I'll be crossing my fingers tonight that I made the difference! hahahahah!!!!

Courtney said...

I am with you Shellie. Amen to everything you said.

I think you should have #12 in regards to robyn's blog. We arrrreeee waiting!

Laurie LC Lewis said...

What was with that performer wearing Adam's name on her cape? Does anyone else think that was a little biased? Hmmmmm. . . .

BTW, thanks for the cute plug on the right! I have no doubt you'll be cheek-deep in powder very soon! Someday I want to be crafty like YOU!