Preschool Graduation

Manda is making the big leap to kindergarten in 2 months and 7 days! Here's my little cutie patootie at graduation - sometimes I can't get over how photogenic she is!
Thanks Sister Meadows! We will have to think of excuses to still come to your house twice a week next year!

Josh didn't mind the festivities either, what with the cool hat and all the cookies he could stuff in!
2 months, 7 days until I have two children in school, all day long... ahhh....


Sandi said...

Life is good, that is it will be in 2 months and 7 days

Anonymous said...

Manda is one of the smartest girls I have ever known. She is so clever and is always thinking about how things work. She will have a great time in kindergarten.

Josh like cookies. A lot. In fact whenever he wants to satisfy his sweet tooth, he makes this little clicking sound with his toungue and brings his hand up to his mouth and makes a pinching movement with his thumb and index finger in mandible like motion.