"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" - the Wizard of OZ

This is Scrap Happy's husband, Nick, and I have hijacked her blog to ask a few questions. Why in the world is Obama the President of the United States? I know the obvious reason - he won the election, but how in the world did he convince a willing majority to abandon our founding principles in exchange for an elusive socialist dream? I know - hope and change, but now it's time to live in reality.

For those who have even the slightest motivation to look beyond Obama's handsome face and conduct a scrap of policy analysis, aside from listening to his flowery rhetoric. I invite you to read the following articles about Obama policy decisions and the auto and financial industries.

Obama's Ultimate Agenda by Charles Krauthammer

Tincture of Lawlessness: Obama's Overreaching Economic Policies by George Will

This isn't about partisan politics; this is about discerning right from wrong, truth from error, and wisdom from foolishness. These actions are eroding our social contract, namely the Constitution. For those who easily dismissed factual and objective analysis before the election, please enlighten me as to why you voted for this guy. If you are still enthralled with him, please provide your objective measures by which we can assess his performance.


Carlos said...

He runs up a huge debt whilst pandering to those who would benefit by the lavish expenditures and then, out of the other side of his mouth, tells how dangerous it is.

This man is a mistake.

Ashlee said...

I have the same thoughts and the same questions. It is mind boggling to me.

Ashlee said...

One more man that brings up some questions for me - Gov. Huntsman - maybe you can explain that one to me too.

brooke said...

It takes more than just the man to get into office---he has a surrounding of 'silent majority' policy makers, people who have put themselves in place with he as their spokesperson---just as you indicated by the title of this post---OZ. Who are they and why are they still where they are? There is a secret society at work ananymously and discretely. How and can they be dismantled? This runs far deeper than one man with an unfavorable (or favorable, as the seemingly majority may say) agenda. Yet wasn't the little German dictator a seemingly unknown artist? How did he rise to such power? Who were the cronies that helped put him in key place and encourage him? Just reflect on the 'Pelosi Meltdown' of this past week. As I observed the progress of that, I found it truly comical--SNL couldn't have protrayed such footage as well as the real thing. She emptied the bucket of water over her own head.
'. . .born for such a time as this. . .' -there are good people being prepared and put in place with good and correct agendas that will eventually help carry out what is right and true and stand tall and firmly behind and alongside one who will overcome all that is corrupt and disgusting. For this knowledge I am grateful and have confidence.
With that I think I am going to watch again---The Wizard of . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but I'm guessing you've researched history a bit. Good for you. If you haven't read The 5000 Year Leap, read it. As far as Obama goes, lord help us. I have a hunch there's more bull crap to come.