How to host the perfect kid birthday party:

#1 - Have it at someone else's house. Preferably, with plenty of space for lots of kids to run around.
#2 - Have the weather cooperate beautifully.
#3 - Two words. Bounce. House.
#4 - Have pizza, mini-size water bottles, and ring pops for each kid.
#5 - Have a cool theme so your guests can come dressed up. Okay, so the theme wasn't "New York Pirates" - it was just "pirates" - but you get the drift.
#6 - Have non-messy pirate booty and balloons for guests to take home.
#7 - Did I mention the ring pops?
#8 - Have Robyn, Scottsdale's own "Ace of Cakes" create one of these beauties for you. It was complete with canons, a plank to walk, canon balls, and a mini pirate ahouting "aaaargh!" Okay, so he didn't shout, but he seemed the type that would. Thanks Robyn, my kids had a GREAT time. And Happy Birthday to Jacob. Thanks for making it to four years, buddy.

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Marianne said...

What a cute theme and adorable cake....I want to make one!