2nd Grade Angst

A gets along really well with boys. She chooses to play with boys over girls on a regular basis. She strictly wears pants or shorts to school, versus skirts, so that she can run faster and play easier on the playground, she claims.

She and a kid named "Rueben" have been BFFs since school started this year. I think they started out sitting together in class. He lets her get in lines in front of him, she lets him borrow our Magic Tree House books, they play together at every recess, you name it.

So of course, when it came time to make her guest list for the all-important birthday party this weekend, Rueben was at the top of her list. Since I've seen this Rueben kid all of once, and never met his parents, we didn't hand-deliver his invite to his home, but rather, A took it to school instead.

Rueben threw her invitation away. (!)

I was appalled, and I'll say it, yeah, a little miffed, especially considering I had designed the.cutest.birthday.invitation.ever. I prodded A to find out if this really were the case, and if he truly didn't want to come (Because HONESTLY, who WOULDN'T want to come??)


I finally got the whole truth out of A tonight. Rueben said people think he and A are "boyfriend and girlfriend" - and I LOVE A's response here - she said "but I just don't trust that!" "We're just friends!"

Sigh. Don't you just love her? While Rueben succumbs to elementary school peer pressure and shuns A left and right now, she is exasperated because she just wants him to stay her friend... I fear this is just the beginning of A's heartache and struggles with the opposite sex...

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Brooke said...

Better to learn how to deal with heartbreak early than to have it only happen once and never get over it!
(My suggestion to A is don't worry about it because it is better to have many, many friends than just one anyway.)