Juicy Green Helper

Yesterday, after lunch, I was downstairs, cleaning something (shocking, I know) while J was upstairs, I thought, playing with trains in my craft room. I was on the phone with N and he even commented "how well J played by himself". I agreed, feeling content that I had such a sweet boy. I came upstairs and put him down for his nap... and then went in to take a shower. After almost breaking my neck slipping on SOMETHING on the floor, I realized what my sweet boy had REALLY been occupying himself with. That tiny blonde blankety-blank piece of work had taken a mostly-full shampoo bottle and squirted it EVERYWHERE he could think of. All over the bathtub ledge. All over the toilet. All over our bathroom scale. Squirted all over the cabinets. A dozen little lakes of juicy green apply shampoo all over the tile. Each rug was soaked. A gooey mess on my cedar chest. Another gooey pile on the carpet in my closet. And, starting about 3 feet up on each doorframe, as if he reached as high as he could and squirted, just so he could watch it run down the paint. Sigh. What a sweet boy, huh?


Amberly said...

first, i'm not holding back here. you seriously put my sleezy name on your blogroll?? death be upon you. maybe it's time to seriously consider another child. besides appropriate punishment for you, you kid may have someone to keep him occupied and maybe even learn to share. uh-huh.

The Malone's said...

I must say, I'm still laughing, sounds like something Finn would do, who knows maybe he taught your son a thing or two on how to act in a bathroom.

Deirdre Eagar said...

Oh honey, this is just the beginning!! Welcome to the world of BOYS!