Me went camping.

HA! As IF you'd believe such a thing. The thought was actually so ridiculous in my head that I couldn't even form it into a proper sentence for my post title. Hee. Hee. Tee. Hee. Hee.

So, no, I technically didn't camp. What I did, however, was cruise down to Safford on our 4-day weekend whilst my Safford-dwelling fam members were camping on the mountain. I decided that sure, we could go spend the days with them, but under no circumstances was I going to take camping equipment, nor sleep outdoors, nor even THINK about trying to put my two-year-old down to sleep while at nine thousand freezing cold feet up in the woods. Nope.

As ideas go, this wasn't a TERRIBLE one, but not one of my prize winners, either. Dad failed to tell me they were staying at the tippy top of said mountain, that it was frickin' COLD up there, that it would rain every day, and that the campground was an HOUR from their house. Sheesh. I ended up driving it back, and forth, and back, and forth. Good thing Sparky behaved himself.

My kiddos LOVED being up there. It was nice for me to not have to worry about where they were, who they were associating with. And bonus, there was no TV or computer to affix themselves to. They rode horses, made friends, got dirty, dug holes, watched a hundred horse shoe matches, and ate more junk than I care to know about. Josh also loved climbing and jumping off of stumps.

For the record, I am not opposed to the outdoors. I do place a premium on cleanliness and comfort, however. It's funny to me how this rag-tag reunion of inlaws, outlaws, friends, friends' inlaws, grandparents, and cousins came about - but now it has become a Labor Day tradition that they all look forward to every year. They even have church up there! {Which was a story in itself, with J during relief society...} Mostly all of the "Cunnngham crew" have acquired campers, toy haulers, etc... so technically, are they "camping?" Not sure. I guess they do sometimes cook outdoors, if that qualifies. Ha! My dear husband is thinking we should go again next year. I smile and laugh nervously.

Heaven help me if he throws a tent in the car.


Anonymous said...

We have been going to the tippy top of the Mt since my boys were in diapers, I cannot believe this is your first try, a valiant effort but you can do better.

Juliana said...

It was fun having you there! Ü

Carlos said...

What does 'frickin' mean? I am not familiar with the term. I am pleased you had a nice time.

Holly and Ryan said...

We are two peas in a pod. :)

One of the first questions I asked Ryan was: Do you like to go camping? I was so pleased to hear his reply.

Good luck if you go next year.