Random thoughts.

The American Idol party turned out great! Well, except for my "microphone" cake, which looked way more like an ice cream cone than anything else. I was too embarrassed by it to even take a picture... Turns out that the boys wanted NOTHING to do with the karaoke, but at least all the girls had a great time singing to Hannah Montana songs, etc... I think everyone had a good time. I'm just happy that it's over...

M is turning out to be quite the excellent student in school. She got over her initial "I don't want to goooooo!!!" whining, and I think is having a good time now. She's up super early every morning, with her bed made, and dressed and ready for school, before A even wakes up. She's only been "on yellow" once, she gets every question on every assignment correct - seriously, and her handwriting is amazing! So proud. Turns out this school is the perfect fit for both her and A!

M is jealous of A being in the gifted program and everything she gets to do. A keeps telling her that so-and-so will come give her tests so M can be in gifted too... heaven help us if she doesn't get chosen to be tested, or worse, if she doesn't make it. (!)

J is starting to put two words together - "Daeee tar" (Daddy's car) "hurrr heh" (hurt head) and so forth. He has also started to respond somewhat when we remind him of things with a defeated "Tay..." like, okaaaaayyy, I'll stop doing this, because I know I'm not supposed to...

A is getting BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY! She's so excited. If any of you want to come, let me know so I can give you directions.

I'm so ready for the construction to be finished around our house. My car has been filthy for weeks! Looks like they're widening 27th and putting in curbs and sidewalks and such... should be good!

I'm not thrilled with Costco's "new and improved" baby wipes. They have that dry, Huggies-type of feeling now. Why mess with a good thing??? Time to potty-train!

I can't believe it's the last week of the month, and I have yet to set VT appointments. Again.

We totally dropped the ball on the latest school fundraiser. Anybody want a tub of cookie dough? we have to turn in money tomorrow!

I've done so much laundry today already that we're out of hangers. That's impressive, let me tell you.

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Courtney said...

K, so you didn't take any pictures of the cake....but we don't get to see any pictures of anything?