SO - I'm supposed to teach a class at our upcoming Super Saturday activity. Usually, this would not be a problem... I just take whatever idea I already have for gifts for my peeps for Christmas, and turn it into a class. Well, this year I'm at a loss. Maybe it's my "simplify"ing that's been filling my head this year - I just don't want any.more.clutter. in my life or on my walls. It needs to be something fantastic that is worthy of my house, and worthy of gift-giving.

The activity is too late in Oct to do a Halloween craft - so something else is in order. Preferably not Christmas cute-sy, as I'm kind of over that. Perhaps a sewing project, or velvet pumpkins with real stems, or a scrapbook-type project, or some kind of jewelry-making, a vinyl something or other...

Any ideas? What have YOU always wanted to make, so I can plan it and do all the work for you? Hee hee... What have you seen in a store lately that made you shriek with joy? If there is something, and there is a pic of it somewhere online, please include the URL in your comments. Thanks much in advance.


Lindsay said...

those flower clippy things where you decorate the clips with ribbon and glue a honken flower on it...preferably in navy, light blue, brown, white, pink, and red. i have no idea how to make them, and would love to NOT make a run to joanns!

Lindsay said...

oh, i guess i should have said the flower clippies for hair.