Count your (many) blessings

I will be teaching a class for our Super Saturday coming up in four weeks... and making this craft:

There will be two color options - this red/chocolate/cream version, and a lime green/aqua/taupe/white version - a little more modern (I LOVE the other color combo too... I will be making up a sample of that one as well)

There will also be a size option - you can have a 24" board that will hang THREE frames, or you can have a 30" board that will hang FOUR frames, which will say "Count your many blessings".

If you want to pick your own patterns/colors, feel free to bring your own scrapbook paper.

Let me know if you want in on this. I have enough stuff to make about 10-11 kits up, and there are already three spoken for.

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Sara said...

I want to make one of the bigger ones. I'm not sure which colors. Will you have the other one at church on Sunday?