Halloween 2009

Wait, wrong holiday - didn't we just celebrate Thanksgiving? Didn't I go Christmas shopping last week? I thought I should play a little catchup with Halloween first on this here blog, before I move onto the next holidays...
I have to admit, my standards were pretty low this year... I didn't want to go through the time and money and manipulation it would have taken to convince the girls to be a part of our family costume... so I didn't! A wanted to be Hannah Montana, and though her thrift-store makings didn't pan out to be the greatest costume, I didn't care at all... M was a witch, J was Buzz Lightyear, N was Woody, and I was Jessie. We didn't even get a pumpkin carved this year - shock! Our festivities consisted of going to our ward party the night before Halloween, and then trick-or-treating around our neighborhood on Halloween night (which is a downer, really, because 80% of the residents we visited weren't home!) Here are just a few photos of friends and such...Here's Woody - what you can't see is his cool boots or the pullstring on his back! I still intend to put my Jessie costume back on and take a picture, for scrapbooking sake...!Buzz actually had his whole costume on at one point!His costume quickly degenerated, though, losing the purple headpiece, the shoe covers, and the wings...Here's J playing the "skeleton squeeze" game. He was great at it, and got the clothespins in the jar every time! Yes, this particular skeleton went in too! I love his gansta one-leg-pushed-up look.We even had my Dad dress up as Stinky Pete, the prospector - sans the pick axe... *** Robinsons, do you have any pictures of my girls? ***
Jonas rocked the mummy costume, but Trent was a little too happy as Dracula...Jackie had the best.hair.ever. as the Bride of Frankenstein...creepy eyes and lipstick too...The Bride and her offspring...I don't know why sucking in your cheeks is "witchy", but whatever...Like Mother, like daughter... this one's a cutie as a "pretty witch!"

Here's Wade in the pie-eating contest - better him than me. Just the thought of cramming pumpkin pie in my mouth so fast makes me sick.

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Carlos said...

Man, that Woody has put on a few lbs. and you should have used the airbrush.