It could have been worse.

After 11 years!

11 years, the anniversary of steel. Hmmm... I don't think I want any steel today, I'm all good on stainless steel appliances and swords and silverware and such, and I certainly don't want anybody stealing anything from me, either.

Two years ago on this here blog, I listed 9 things I loved about my husband. Those haven't changed.

Last year, I blogged about all the things we've experienced .

What to list this year?? The honeymoon has been over for a while. But in a way, I feel like we're just starting on this journey. I am thankful to be married to this man, and hope that we figure out each other, someday.


Lindsey and Adam said...

Happy Anniversary!

Carlos said...

I loved that movie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Carlos said...

I mean the movie that Marshall made of you and Nick--your wedding video. Sometimes, when things get me down, I watch that and somehow the world just gets better and better.