I am Thankful...

for my little man. He is SUCH a joy to be around, and communicates pretty well lately. He's my sidekick and is willing to be shlepped just about anywhere, even when Mommy's errands take precedence over his nap. He is sad to leave balls and toys at the store, but we just say "bye bye tar" or "bye bye ball" and then he's okay to put things back.
He is in love with his blanket, his Papa, anything sweet to eat, glow necklaces, "maeee" (money), Finny, Senny, Perper (Cooper), and running away from Mommy when it's time to brush his teeth. He also likes eating all the leftover snacks from his sisters' school lunches every day, playing with A, and growling like a tiger, monster, dinosaur - you choose, they all sound the same. He gets his feelings hurt and does a great pitiful cry when you tell him no. He wants to be a big kid so badly, and gets sad when his sisters leave him for one of their adventures. He loves to snuggle and often asks for a "HU!" (hug) when he wants you to pick him up. I love to hear his cackle and little padding feet as he runs throughout the house. When we ask, "Who wants ___ (fill in the blank, pizza, lunch, pancakes)??" he is quick to raise his hand and say "ME!!!" (Does he eat it though? That's a different story.) He is oh-so-coordinated too, and hops on and off of everything with both feet. He is so sweet with babies and younger kids, and always tries to pat them, rock them, and put his arm around them. Sigh... Did I mention that I LOVE this kid?

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