Pride of the Desert.

Sun Devils through and through, us Carters LOATHE cats — all kinds — especially those nasty Wildcats from Tucson! As graduates of the great Arizona State University, we both come from entire families of Sun Devil fans, and grew up watching and attending games. We know that the rest of the season doesn't matter, just as long as we beat those CATS! This is THE game of the year! We are grooming our children to be Sun Devils as well - note picture at right! We would absolutely love to drive our car, aptly named "Sparky", over to our alma mater next weekend, with S sporting her Sparky jewelry, of course, enjoy the fireworks, see Sparky step on that BUS, and watch the Devils polish off the Cats to finish off their Thanksgiving meals! As payment for our "free" tickets, we offer any and all of the following services to the cutest and most generous couple we know - the Malones. • S will help Jackie assemble all of her handmade Christmas cards, or watch F/J while she makes them, as many hours as needed. • S promises to help process the 40 pounds of chicken next time so the Malones don't die of Salmonella poisoning. • S will come up with and create something crafty and fabulous for our visiting teachees' Christmas gifts, so all Jackie has to do is show up. • S will create an amazing custom header for the Malone Monkeys blog. • S will watch F/J so Jackie can go observe at all the local schools in January, so she can get J on a list SOMEwhere. • N will conduct in Sacrament meeting while Trent is enjoying time off on the 29th. • N will also act as the LONE member of the bishopric that Sunday, and teach the 5th Sunday lesson for Trent... • We will take all the excess produce off your hands from the Malone garden next summer... • We will happily show up and enjoy any and all FHEs or desserts the Malones feel like sharing... • Josh will gladly wear all of Finny's hand-me-down clothes that he wants to pass on... • And, last but not least, we will tell at least 50 people in the next month how cute and generous the Malones were, for giving the Carters a chance to attend the ASU/U of A game this year!

If it's a tossup between us and the Gregorys, please consider these points as tie-breakers. #1 - Our word count is higher than Scot's post. #2 - N will give Trent a ride up to bishopric training meeting tonight... and #3 - by the way, we didn't ABANDON you and the Vineyard ward like the GREGORYS did!!!!!


Ashlee said...

How could she pick anyone but you?

The Malone's said...

I'm impressed, you only had 399 words. It looked a lot longer thats for sure!

Amberly said...

incredibly valiant effort. best of luck to you.