God did it.

This is our doorbell.
It is supposed to be attached to the wall between our upstairs/downstairs. It tends to fall off a lot, well, because of a certain 6-year-old and another certain 4-year-old I know who like to hang stuff over the railing and drop things, throw things, deliver things, tie things, play tug of war with things up and down the stairs... you get the picture. After the doorbell was "left hanging" once again, Daddy asked a certain 4-year-old how it happened.
"God did it."

Daddy - what? What do you mean?

Long, drawn out, thoughtful, "Well, God made US (emphasized) and... he gave us things like IDEAS (hand gestures now) to hang things on the stairs..."

She's right, you know. 'Nuf said.

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