Hey Mister Curlies in the back!

We love this kid! He is such a happy guy, and laughs all the time. He hardly complains when constantly carted around in the heat. He loves to play with toys, trucks, and mommy's pots and pans. He loves to babble and make funny faces. He's got great hair. Manda likes to call him "Mr. Curlies in the Back". He loves to throw things in pools, and he loves to throw things down the stairs. There's often a pile of his handiwork to step over on your way up. He also loves to throw whatever's he's got in his hands down on the floor when he's mad. He loves to lose his sippy cups all over the house. He loves to chew on shoes. He loves to be chased by his sisters around the house. He loves to be tickled and play peek-a-boo. He loves to stand at the girls' bath and play in the water until he's soaked. His tummy sticks out and leads him wherever he wants to go.
He's just... squeezable, isn't he??

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brooke said...

Adoration dittos!!! He is so sweet!