Does anyone have any resources to download FREE photoshop frames, edges for photos, etc? I'm too lazy to make my own, but I'm needing to make my photos more interesting. Help please! I don't have any scrapbooking software, but I'm sure those programs have such things as well. I haven't done these for a LONG time, but I'm thinking I'd like to get back on the horse. Stuff like this:


Ashlee said...

I just buy them from Digital Designer and Two Peas. Digital Designer does a weekly special every weekend - and those are only 25 cents....I don't have any just like you posted, but I have seen similar ones on those sites. If you would teach your photoshop class you could have a bunch of money to buy frames to your hearts content! JK Do tell if you find a freebie option. :)

the Painters said...

wow, you got a little darker and grew some nice ringlets and Nick got way skinnier and a whole lot darker........and when did you two start drinking?

jenrobin73 said...

Try http://digifree.blogspot.com/ for free digiscrapping resources. I've downloaded so much free stuff, I had to buy an external hd to house it all.