Home Sweet Home ... ?

Isn't this gorgeous?
And it's not even anywhere near Lake Linganore.
Here's our chance to have our own, custom-built East Coast home out here in the desert...
Who'd have imagined???
Huge, mature trees.
Secluded. Gated.
A lot more than twice the size of the one we're on now.
Did I mention the trees?
Oh, and a ginormous HOA fee.

Is it worth sacrificing all our cash, taking a huge loss on our current home,
and most likely giving up ever owning any type of cabin??

Do we really want to stay in this neighborhood long term? Do you think the stake prez would annex us into our current ward?
Do we?
Should we?
Hmmmmm ... I think I need a real job.


bryn said...

it looks tremendous and beautiful and so not in the desert. who needs a cabin when that is where you leave on a daily basis? and if you figure out how to get yourself annexed into the stake let me know, as i will absolutely want to be on the list too!

Alicia said...

I'm going to have to selfishly tell you, it's a no-go.
While it is beautiful, it will still be hot there, and a cabin, would more than likely be in the mountains, thus a few degrees cooler.
Actually, I just don't want you to even consider leaving our little slice of heaven in SoPhx.

Scrap Happy said...

Alicia - this is in your ward, believe it or not.

The Malone's said...

So does Nick offically hate me for showing you this place?

Carlos said...

I have a cabin and have not spent a day there in a couple of years. You can use it for free anytime you want. I know, it is not a real house in the woods, because it is so quaint and it is not in Greer or Alpine. For what we spent on the cabin, you can go to a nice hotel in the Poconos and be money ahead. Cabins and boats are not woth the headache or the cost. BTW, you can use my ATV's as well....have not moved in a year. Toys. To heck with them.