So long, Mr. Curlies in the Back.

Shouldn't we take him somewhere to get his haircut?

Heck no. He's not going to sit still, so let's just do it - strap him in!

Me, wielding my best Fiskars, trying to contain the thrashing and not poke an eye out...

Hey Josh, don't look at Mommy, over here! Over HERE!

Snip, snip... no turning back now...

How short are you cutting it? You're not cutting the curls off, are you???

I have no idea. I'm just trying to cut the same amount off everywhere. HOLD HIM STILL!

Get around his ears.

Yeah. Easier said than done.


Hmmm... that's as good as it's going to get. Throw him in the bath please!I think he likes it.
Maybe I'll get a little more brave next time and go shorter, so we can gel it.Yeah, he's SO Allison's brother. No question.

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