More on Money.

I posted the previous article clip simply to renew my commitment... to saving money. Bored? Stop reading. Seriously. Right now. Go click your finicky little mouse on something else to occupy your brain. Why are you still here? Ugh! Fine. Read if you want.

I'm tempted to start a "spending journal" as the example suggests, just to see exactly where our money goes. Then maybe Amberly can work her budget miracles on us. (This is in lieu of starting a "food journal" which I'm sure would horrify me.)

I always tell my girls that they need to SAVE the money they'd like to spend on little things (read: cheap plastic junk that will barely last the day) in order to HAVE money to spend when we want the big things.

I'm seriously craving those big things, (read: House. Cabin. Boat.) and I am convinced that we could have the buying power to do those things, if we tried hard enough.

My air conditioner in my car broke today. Gasp, but it's hot here. I never knew how miserable a drive across the valley could be. I'm glad that we'll be able to fix it without delay. Sucks, though. I was hoping to replace our completely-worn-out-it-hurts-my-back-to-sleep-on-mattress soon. And they ain't cheap.

Food seems like the biggest waste of money to me. There's absolutely nothing to show for it after you've done it. Convenience food, especially. All that shows me is a dose of calorie-ridden unhealthy guilt.

I avoid buying fountain drinks like the plague. Shocking, from the Diet Coke addict, I know, but when I can buy a whole 12 pack for $2 and take one with me every day, why the heck would I spend $2 through a drive thru for only ONE of the same thing?

I'm trying to get away from the concept of "stuff". Wanting stuff, needing stuff, always going to the store for stuff. My girls have it in their heads that THEY get something each time we walk into a store. No matter what store that is. I'm the meanest mom in the world, but I RARELY buy them anything.

I loathe shopping for toys. Even for presents. I feel guilt for adding to the clutter of other people's homes. I certainly don't want them adding to the clutter of mine. Buy us a ticket to a museum or someplace instead.

I don't do bank fees. I do, however, enjoy bank interest.

Only in a pickle do I do laundry or dishes between the hours of 1pm and 8pm. It gives me great satisfaction to see our electric bill show lower usage than last year, almost every single month.

It's always cheaper to stay home. No matter what the deal is I'm missing.

Signing off for now... but my thoughts on this subject are not yet complete.


Amberly said...

I'm so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Shelly- I stumbled onto your blog tonight. It's been too long. It's good to check in on people, especially one's you're related to. Keith Hardy

Carlos said...

Here is my take on money. It comes in too slowly, it goes out to fastly. If you want to prosper, then double your fast offering. The more you give away, the more you get and if you give it away soon enough, you will not have to shop at those nasty stores. You can move up to Target and Wal-Mart.