Happy Birthday Jackie Tag

12 things, on August 12th, that I heart about this lady.
She is a great mom, no matter what she says.

Her kids are FANTASTIC. And so easy to watch.

She is smart. AND funny.

She is well traveled and knows lots of stuff about places I've only seen on a map.

She tends to share experiences and stories that still surprise me.

She thinks she is much more of a rebel than she actually is.

She is fun to tease.

She is always entertaining in her rants.

Her house is ALWAYS cleaner than mine.

She is always willing to help out and provide service for others.

She is always prepared, whether it's having plenty of foamies at her house while babysitting, snacks for church, food and herbs from her garden, or an idea to share when you need it.

She can cook. And sew. And decorate. And coupon shop. And scrapbook. And much more. All very well.

Now YOU make a comment on what you love about Jackie!


Deirdre Eagar said...

You pretty much covered it all- but I think its funny how much she says she hates to run, but every morning I race around the corner late as usual and there she is stretching, waiting and not looking at all like its way to early in the morning!!

Oh ya and also the ASU Football freak that she is!!

Love Ya Girl-Happy B-Day!!

Amberly said...

she'll complain about sitting in church alone with two monkey's, but she handles that job with more finesse than most- calm and cool... that's jackie! I love her too. she really can do anything!

The Malone's said...

I have to say that you all know me so much better than I thought. I am so lucky to have great friends like you! I think you forgot to add one thing though, I freak out over some of the stupidest things but it still mangages to be ok.

The Malone's said...

By the way, it that really the best picture you could come up with for me?