Swimming Lessons, 2008

We only got in two sessions this year, due to Mommy's disorganization and our weekend getaway schedule. The girls did okay, even though they forgot a LOT of what they'd learned/accomplished in years past.
Allison got pretty good at diving,
Manda, not so much. She says she doesn't like to dive because it hurts her face. Hmmm. Wonder why.
Here they are doing the backstroke. Manda always went for the zig-zag pattern, because she couldn't swim straight...The girls are still working on trying to figure out how to breathe on the the side...
Allison also loved to do tricks! Here she is spinning off the diving board. There has never been any fear of the board with her. She even went off the high dive several times while in St. Johns!


Amberly said...

"the spinny-spin-spin." that's the official name for the allison's trick. don't try to call it anything else.

brooke said...

Great photo series and summer recap--I felt I was there getting splashed! Wow, how quickly the summer flew by! Beautiful sweeties!

Carlos said...

I cannot even hold my stomache in long enough to even go swimming. Oh, are these two girls cute. Next time I swim with them, I will show them the "triple Lindy".