Big enough.

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, my little 18-month-old has decided he's too big for his highchair. He WILL NOT stand for being buckled into it, nor will be even sit at the counter anymore. He must be standing on a chair at OUR table before he'll even think about putting anything in his mouth.

So much for knocking on wood last week. He's also figured out how to climb out of his crib in the last couple of days, so naptime/bedtime has been a big drama cycle of screaming, throwing his blankets, pillow and giraffe out of his bed, climbing out, running to the door, and then getting put back to bed by me. Right now he's asleep on the floor just inside his door, because I had to lock it so I could take a shower. Sheesh!

Who taught this kid to be so stubborn? COULDN'T have been the rest of his family, you don't think... ?

I refuse to get one of those crib tents, let him manipulate me, or cater to this in any way... ugh... somebody remind me about the Love and Logic ways, please???? I'm not ready for the toddler bed YET!

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