This boy...

Is 18 months old now and will be legal in nursery on Sunday. Woohoo!

Loves his giraffe, blanket and pillow - and insists that you pick them ALL up when pulling him out of his crib.

Has NOT started climbing out of his bed yet. Knock on wood. His sisters were SOOOO over the crib containment stage by this age.

Screeches and squeals instead of talks.

Has long, pretty eyelashes that make his mother jealous.

Is hard to fit in clothes, and only has two pair of pants that fit.

Loves to throw things. Toys down the stairs, food off his tray, sippy cups toward my head... you name it.

Needs a good haircut in a bad way. All my mistakes are starting to show... and the curls aren't coming back to hide them.

Will cuddle with his sisters when he's sad and Mom's not around. How sweet is that?

Is asserting his independence and showing a picky-eating streak. Please, no, not another one...

Loves to sword fight. He will bring you a sword or lightsaber and then proceed to beat on you with his own.

Gets about a thousand kisses and hugs a day.

Gets carried around awkwardly by his sisters A LOT. And doesn't seem to mind too much.

Doesn't have any problems chewing on any and all toothbrushes, no matter the owner...

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the Painters said...

Oh he is ADORABLE and legal now (in a nursery way). Now YOU will have some independence... for a couple hours at least... one day a week. Gotta love those picky eaters! I've got 2!