Things that happened yesterday.

JJ woke up BRIGHT AND EARLY at 5am. Sheesh, this crib-independence thing is so not pleasant.

Daddy went to go play basketball.

The girls bought a pay-per-view movie while Mom was snoozing away. {Tinkerbell, thank goodness} Since then, all the Pay-per-view channels have been blocked, as well as anything with a title or rating above PG-13. Which brings me to something funny - I was scanning around the channels Sat. night and noticed that there was a blocked show on BYU tv, of all places... I had to go through the process to unlock it just cause I was so curious... and it was a show on the "curse of pornography" or something... because it had the "p" word in the title, my DVR blocked it. Ha!

Mommy finally got up and took the 7-year-old to a birthday party. It was at a rock climbing gym, and she LOVED it. All the other kids were a little skittish at first, but no, not this one. She scampered all the way to the top within minutes, and ended up climbing the most out of everyone at the party. Parents of the b-day kid were amazed, but honestly, I'm not surprised at ANYTHING Allison can do anymore. She's a natural at everything. I SO WISH I'd taken my camera.Here's what the place looked like, mostly...
Mommy got a couple more presents bought and wrapped. Gotta love those crazy sales at Old Navy! Also spent quite a bit of time at Hobby Lobby. Really, really starting to like that place. Please vote one group of the following stockings: Red and green collection:
Silver and white collection (though I'll have to find a coordinating 5th if we choose this one:
Came home and updated this tired old wreath. 'Tis MUCH better now, and only cost me about $4:
Finally put a star atop the tree. I think I like it:
Madly tried to get everything put away/cleaned after my many, many projects while the girls were at the park.

Nick put together Josh's toddler bed. Sigh... now the real work begins...

Picked up the babysitter, went to dinner at Il Posto. That place is fan-freaking-tastic, if I do say so myself. Finally got my overdue birthday cheesecake.

Learned that Manda had locked herself in our room for hours while the babysitter was here, pouting. And that Josh had spent 1/2 hour screaming in his room before he finally gave up and went to sleep... that's progress!


mikim said...

I like the star!

bryn said...

i must say, i always love how creative you are. the star looks great and kudos on the wreath. super sorry about the crib situation. Ainsley started bailing out at 16 months and never looked back. uurrgghh!

Collette said...

Oooh, that's a tough one. It depends on what's in the rest of the room. Silver is very elegant, but red and green has more character. . .