Happy birthday to me.

What a great birthday! I woke up this morning to two very excited little girls with their arms loaded with gift bags for me. First was a collection of earrings, mirror and tiny ceramic penguin from Allison (gotta love school holiday fairs) and then from Manda, a super-sized Special Dark chocolate bar, and a box of green bags! I LOVE how excited they were to give me their gifts. Oh, and the best gift of all, they had gotten together and made me a dolphin and snowflakes out of playdough and arranged them so perfectly inside an old pencil box. Funny. Such cute girls! Also, just in time for my birthday, I got a huge EAR INFECTION! It's lovely and red and throbbing, and makes moving my head difficult, and every sound amplified. I'm pretty sure my eardrum ended up rupturing, too, just for a bonus. What a great day... is it over yet?


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, I hope you start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOO sorry! I hope you are feeling better soon. SOOO sorry for yelling "Happy Birthday!" in your ear. I hope it wasn't the sore one.
At least I didn't blare the obnoxious Happy Birthday song that I found for you! hahaha!

Thanks for helping me out with my font!!! You're DA BOMBE!!!!

Carlos said...

That ear infection was sort of a goofy gift. Who gave you that?

Nick & Amanda Long said...

Happy birthday friend!! Sorry you aren't feeling well! HOpe you have a great day thought - got your card - it's fabulous!!!